The Boutwell House is open on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. Please call or email in advance for research appointments.

The Mission of the Groton Historical Society is to collect, preserve and display objects, records and folklore of historic significance from Groton’s past and to maintain a museum for these artifacts and records according to current museum standards; to provide an organization for those residents interested in preserving and maintaining the local history of Groton; and to familiarize a wider community of citizens with Groton’s history and increase interest in local history and traditions through exhibits, educational programs, publications and historical records.

The Groton Historical Society was incorporated in 1894 and since then has acquired artifacts, documents and historical memorabilia that are significant to the history and lives of the residents of Groton. In 1933 the Society received the generous gift of Governor George S. Boutwell’s home from the estate of his daughter and founding member of the Historical Society, Georgianna A. Boutwell. This gift has allowed the Groton Historical Society to display and house the collections that it has acquired.

In addition to serving the community as a museum, the Groton Historical Society actively publishes books and pamphlets and works with other organizations in town to promote Groton’s history. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter for members, holds quarterly historical programs which are open to the public and cover a wide range of topics relating to Groton’s history. The society provides assistance to genealogical researchers and offers educational tours of the Boutwell House.

A Groton Historical Society membership not only supports the activities of the GHS but supports our ability to achieve our mission to serve as a museum and center of learning about Groton’s past.