Groton Historical Tour

Groton has many historic sites and monuments commemorating people, events, and places. Click on the links to view each site and map its location and start your tour around Groton!

The Groton Historical Tour was created by Brent Emerle in 2016 as his Eagle Scout Service Project.

1976 Time Capsule

Bancroft’s Castle

Chamberlain Mill Memorial Rock

Colonel William Prescott’s House Stone Monument

Firemen’s Memorial

Gate Posts

Groton Cemetery

Groton Historical Society

The Groton School

Groton Sign (1930)

First Parish Church

Lawrence Academy

Lawrence Fountain

Legion Common

Memorial Square

Nashua River Watershed Association

The Old Groton Inn

Sargisson Beach



1976 Time Capsule-Hollis St and Martins Pond Rd

To be opened in 2076 <MAP IT>

IMG_0547 IMG_0541 IMG_0540
Bancroft’s Castle
Built by General William Bancroft in 1906, the castle was intended as a gift for his wife. Much of the structure was destroyed in a fire during a 4th of July celebration in 1932. In 2000, the now town-owned remains were opened to the public. <MAP IT>

Chamberlain Mill Memorial Rock- Lowell Rd (Route 40)
Where Chamberlain killed Chief Pagus in self-defense. Presented by the Groton Historical Society on April 10th 1951 <MAP IT>

E. Prescott House Monument 1
Colonel William Prescott’s House stone monument- Main St and Old Ayer Road
Marks the location of Colonel Prescott’s house and tells of his role in the Battle of Bunker Hill <MAP IT>

Firemen’s Memorial- Main St and Pleasant St
Dedicated to the Groton Firemen for their service to the town. Presented by Joseph S. Bassett III as his Eagle Scout Service Project, May 24, 1982. <MAP IT>

F. Gate Posts Broadmeadow 1
Gate Posts- Broadmeadow Rd
Given to the town of Groton by Amory Lawrence in 1900. Posts had been a part of the Harvard College fence. <MAP IT>

Groton Cemetery Gates Groton Cemetery
Groton Cemetery- 242 Hollis St
Second burial ground used from 1847. <MAP IT>

L. Groton Historical Society 1 L. Groton Historical Society 2
Groton Historical Society- 172 Main St
Residing at the Boutwell House, the Groton Historical Society was incorporated in 1894. It seeks to preserve and display the history of the town. <MAP IT>

IMG_0125[1] IMG_0121[1] IMG_0122[1]
The Groton School- 282 Farmers Row
Private boarding school founded in 1884. Alumni include Dean Acheson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Sam Waterson and many more.   <MAP IT>

G. Groton Sign
Groton Sign (1930)- Main St
Tells about the founding of the town of Groton. Presented by the Tercentenary Commission in 1930. <MAP IT>

First Parish Church
Built in 1755, it originally served as the town’s third meeting house. In 1839 it was remodeled and rotated. It now serves as a Unitarian church. <MAP IT>

K. Lawrence Academy 1 K. Lawrence Academy 2
Lawrence Academy- 26 Powderhouse Rd
Private school founded in 1792. Alumni include Tim Armstrong, Karyn Bryant, William B. Washburn and many more.   <MAP IT>

IMG_0499 IMG_0498
Lawrence Fountain- Main St and Pleasant St
Present since at least 1882 <MAP IT>

IMG_0506 IMG_0514
Legion Common- 75 Hollis St
Home to the town of Groton Second Meeting House, legion hall, and the Old Burying Ground. <MAP IT>

IMG_0516 IMG_0524 IMG_0528
Memorial Square- Hollis St and Martins Pond Rd
In memory of the men and women who served their country in the time of war. Moved from Bandstand Common in 1954. <MAP IT>

Q. Nashua River 592 Main Q. Nashua River
Nashua River Watershed Association- 592 Main St
Oversees the condition of the Nashua River. In response to the pollution that resulted in the river appearing in various colors, Marion Stoddart led an effort to restore the river during the 1960’s. Due to her actions, the river is now clear and clean. <MAP IT>

N. Old Groton Inn
The Old Groton Inn- 128 Main St
Opened in 1678, the inn once served as a meeting place of St Paul’s Masonic Lodge, of which Paul Revere was the Grand Master. The inn was destroyed by a fire in August 2011. <MAP IT>

IMG_0074[1] IMG_0076[1] IMG_0078[1]
Sargisson Beach- 171 Whiley Rd
Beach overlooking Lost Lake. Opened with lifeguards in 2015 <MAP IT>