Board & Bylaws

Board Members 2016

  • Bobbie Spiegelman President/Curator/Collections
  • Alvin Collins Vice President/Buildings & Grounds/Finance
  • Stuart Shuman Treasurer
  • Judy Adams At Large
  • Nancy Barringer Programs 
  • Peter Benedict Security
  • Bonnie Carter Hospitality
  • Gregory Fishbone Webmaster
  • C. David Gordon Publications
  • Barbara Murray Newsletter Editor
  • Carolyn Perkins Publicity/Membership
  • Beverly Smith Volunteer Coordinator/Development
  • Elizabeth Strachan Governance/Nominating/Membership

Advisors to the Board

  • Ray Lyons Legal Counsel


The current GHS bylaws were approved at the Annual Meeting in October 2012:

A proposed revision of the GHS bylaws will be submitted for approval to the Annual Meeting on October 18, 2016: