Groton Timeline

1655: Petition for Groton Plantation granted May 23rd by General Court in Boston. Deane Winthrop, first named petitioner and selectman, names the town Groton after his birthplace in England.

1666: First meetinghouse in Groton was built at Hollis Street and Martins Pond Road

1676: Groton is attacked several times in March during King Philip’s War. On March 13th most of the town burns down and all settlers flee.

1678: Settlers return to rebuild the town

1694: Groton attacked by Native Americans during King William’s War. Longley family members were killed or abducted during the attacks.

1714: Third meetinghouse built on site of First Parish Church. Nashobah (now Littleton) breaks away from Groton.

1724: Last person in Groton killed by Native Americans.

1730: Land that is now Harvard and Westford break away from Groton

1753: Land that is now Shirley and Pepperell break away from Groton

1755: Fourth meetinghouse, now the First Parish Church, built.

1786: Local participants in Shays Rebellion led by Job Shattuck

1793: Groton Academy incorporated, name later changed to Lawrence Academy

1797: Main Street straightened

1802: Groton’s first fire fighting pumper built by Loammi Baldwin

1828: John Fitch discovers and quarries soapstone on his farm on Common Street

1829: The Groton Herald, the earliest town paper, published for nine months

1839: First Parish Meetinghouse remodeled and turned

1848: First passenger train comes through Groton

1851: George Boutwell elected Governor of Massachusetts

1854: Groton Public Library established

1861: Groton Artillery becomes Company B Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts

1869: President Grant visits Groton
and stays at the Boutwell House

1871: Land that is now Ayer breaks away from Groton

1873: Groton Grange established

1884: Groton school founded by Endicott Peabody

1893: Public Library opens

1894: Georgianna Boutwell founds Historical Society

1898: West Groton Library branch opens

1902: Main Street paved

1905: Telephone company has 120 customers

1909: First electric lights in town

1914: Tarbell School built in West Groton

1915: Boutwell School built on Hollis Street

1922: Town Forest established

1936: Severe flood

1938: Hurricane

1946: First two way radio systems for police and fire departments

1955: Groton celebrates its 300th anniversary

1964: Historic Districts Commission formed

1974: West Groton Library branch closes

1975: Groton-Dunstable Regional School District established

1986: Groton wired for local access cable TV

1992: First Annual Groton Road Race

1996: Post Office moves to Boston Road

2002: Rail Trail opens

2005: Groton’s 350th anniversary