The research library at the GHS includes:
Histories of Groton
Histories of surrounding towns
Family Genealogies
Groton Vital Records
Maps of Groton

Other resources that are available include:
19th and early 20th century Groton newspapers
18th and 19th century documents
18th and 19th century ledgers and record books

Not all materials are in a condition to withstand photocopying and staff will have the final authority to decide which materials are suitable. Photocopies can be made for 25 cents per sheet. To set up a research visit please contact the society.

If you are unable to visit the society, minimal research by staff will be completed free of charge. Additional research will be completed by staff at a rate of $20/hour for members and $25/hour for non-members. This service will take place only after discussion and written agreement between researcher and staff member.

Please note, we do not guarantee success in finding material.
Research fees are measured in time, not quantity of materials found.